Three Hundred

Have you seen the movie 300? It’s about the heroic stand of 300 Spartan warriors (with help for part of the time) against 250,000 Persian soldiers. The story is actually pretty accurate historically, and it is completely inspiring. Even the line, “Then we will fight in the shade” is correct!

I found myself taking away a number of “life lessons” when the credits rolled. (NB: There is some brief – and gratuitous – nudity in the movie, not in the clips that follow.)

Some time before the movie came out, the History Channel aired a historical documentary about the Spartans and the legendary Battle of Thermopylae (literally “The Hot Gates”) on which the movie is based. The CG doesn’t hold a candle to the movie, but the facts are still awe-inspiring. It’s in three parts:

And since this is the 21st Century, it stands to reason that there’s a music video made on the subject. Music by Nine Inch Nails, video excerpted from the 300. It’s fairly graphic.