The glory of the home shopping network

You probably enjoy the Home Shopping Network as much as I do: you marvel that they can make money with this stuff. (But they do! They make lots of money doing this!)

Here is a collection of some of their shining moments of glory!




Restrooms in Space

This is one of the technical directors of theternational Space Station how to use the restroom without gravity. It's not graphic, and there's a twist to it at the end.



Olympic Tire Jumping

Ski Jumping has always fascinated me, though I couldn't tell you why. I have no plans to go airborn with long sticks on my feet.

Here's an interesting take on using a ski jump in the summer: instead of skiers, let's toss tires down the ramp and see how far they go.

The Japanese commentary only adds to the humor. It appears that this is some sort of Japanese TV show, along the lines of "I wonder what would happen if we tried this?":

Here's another episode with a giant rubber band. Who hasn't thought about trying this?

And this episode involves shooting kleenex with a handgun. Apparently, it takes 2354 sheets of kleenex to stop what looks like a 9mm bullet. It makes me laugh!



Feeling Crabby?

Animal migrations are always interesting. But this is ridiculous! It's really cool, but it's kinda creepy, especially the second migration, the babies...



Marcel Marceau is Silenced

September 22, 2007 PARIS — Marcel Marceau, who put the art of mime on the world stage and brought poetry to silence, has died, his former assistant said Sunday. He was 84.


Homemade infinite loop

This is a toy that will keep some kids busy for hours. It did me....



Bench-clearing fight in a Japanese baseball game

I did a post a few days ago on weirdness in baseball (and other sports). I don't know how I missed this one!



Jesus Freaks

Our culture today has been impacted by the hippie movement of a generation ago, and the hippie movement - at least as it influenced "middle America" - was influenced by the Jesus People movement. Here are some clips that show a little bit of that bit of sub-culture or counter-culture. It's a little bit our cultural history.



Motion activated sprinkler for birds

This is an example of an obsession turning into a really very creative invention. It makes me laugh, partly to watch the birds, but even more imagining all the work this guy went through, and his joy when it worked!

http://view.break.com/365748 - Watch more free videos


Rube Goldberg Strikes Again!

It takes a boatload of creativity and patience to make these kind of devices. I am always fascinated.



Train Drives Through A Bangkok Market

We've been on an "experts" theme off and on for a while here. These folks are experts of a whole other sort!

Train Drives Through A Bangkok Market - Watch more funny videos here


Watch the bat.

Watch the bat. Watch the bat. Watch the bat!

And as long as we're working on weirdness in baseball....

And since bloopers are just fun, here's a whopper!



Making Us Think.

This post is undoubtedly not politically correct. The movie Obsession, however, will make you think. Whether you subscribe to everything they say (that's probably NEVER as good move), or you question and challenge everything they say (and that's just as ignorant), it will make you think.

There is something disturbing about revealing the motive that a people proclaim among themselves, and which never makes the news headlines. It's even worse when it's in their own words, and when it's about how their goal in life is killing you and everybody you know.
Here are two previews. You can watch the 60 minute movie online for a few bucks.


A Canine Expert

OK, not all experts are human. Here’s a determined dog locked in an “escape proof” pen.



Japanese Baseball

I’m sure that American sports don’t make sense to people from other cultures. Heck, they don’t always make sense to me! (Can anyone explain why a baseball player can make $10,000,000 a year, and a teacher or fireman can’t even make 1% of that?)

The corollary, of course, is that the way other cultures do their sports doesn’t make sense to Americans. I’ve always thought of Baseball as an American sport, but the Japanese have a remarkable way of making it … strange!



The Best

I love watching the best in the world do the thing they do best. Here are two of the best in the music world, doing what they do best. Don’t blame me if they do it differently.




Who can resist blowing stuff up?

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Fight For Kisses

This is funny enough on its own, and funnier if you're a dad.



TED and Rick Warren.

TED started out as an annual conference in Monterey devoted to Technology, Entertainment and Design. The content has broadened in recent years, but this annual event is still the main engine that drives TED's success, bringing together 1000 of the world's most remarkable people. The format is fast-paced, with 50+ speakers over four days. If you want to be challenged to think, the "TED Talks" are a wonderful way to do that!

Last year, Rick Warren spoke to "1000 of the world's most remarkable people." He's a pastor, and thanks to his book The Purpose Driven Life, he's also a wealthy man. His 21 minute talk to this gathering of (mostly) secular humanists is insightful, sensitive, and I found it riddled with nuggets to improve my own life.

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Copper Clapper Caper

Ok, this isn't the freshest video out there (it stars Johnny Carson and Jack Webb, for pity sake!), but it's certainly one of the funniest.


Copper Clapper Caper

Ok, this isn't the freshest video out there (it stars Johnny Carson and Jack Webb, for pity sake!), but it's one of the funniest.



Quirkology Explained

Some time ago, I posted (here) several of Richard Wiseman's Quirkology clips. Now here's how he does a couple of them.


Animated Sculpture or Artificial Life?

Brilliance in any form is always fascinating. Ladies and gentlemen, Theo Jansen.



Cool Jugglers

I really enjoy watching a gifted expert do their job, and it almost doesn't matter what their job is: if they're truly an expert, it's cool to watch. Then there's jugglers: they're kind of nuts already, but really gifted jugglers boggle my mind. Here are a few particularly impressive ones; one juggles the traditional 3 balls, but with a serious twist; the second juggles seven (I know bouncing is easier than in the air, but dang!), and the last guy is just a kid, and he juggles with his feet. Dang.

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Bugatti Veyron

OK, I admit it: I like fast cars, and I like Fifth Gear. This has them both, and so it's a definite winner.

But more than that: this is an amazing illustration of real joy in something. Fifth Gear's Tiff Needell demonstrates, while exploring the Bugatti Veryon (it's a car!), a Joi de vivre that I haven't seen very often. I know people - Americans, Christians, Churchgoers, whomever - who have stuff that's cooler than an admittedly very nice automobile, and they whine and complain.

So watch the video and enjoy it. Enjoy the cool car, and its 1001 horsepower. But more than that, learn from his complete passion, his joy in the machine, and learn from Tiff Needell how to experience real joy.


Zune Phone

OK, the Apple iPhone has been getting all the press. They've just proven the market is there. Now Microsoft is getting ready to announce their ZunePhone. Here's a preview.


Concerto for Faces, in D

What can I say? This is undeniably weird, but it tickles my funny bone.

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