Ian Anderson Jazzes up "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Ian Anderson's prowess with the flute is on display as he leads the Youth Orchestra Rheinland-Pfalz at the Maria Laach Abbey in the annual German special entitled, "Christmas with the President." Great chops! I think he's a better flautist now than back in the day.

For reference, this is "the day."


This week's “Coolest Instrument Ever”

This will be this week’s entry into the “Coolest Instrument Ever” contest. This is called a Reactable, and it makes music while you play with cool little toys on the interactive table. Think of it as a classic analog synthesizer made with really cool Tinkertoys:

The official description: The Reactable, is a multi-user electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical objects on a luminous table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.This instrument is being developed by a team of digital luthiers at the Music Technology Group within the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.


Fiddling Around

I’ve always liked experts in their field, any field. I also like experts who can fuse together dissimilar styles and techniques. I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s good. It’s almost like he’s playing a lead guitar riff on a fiddle.

This is Vanessa Mae. She’s showy, but she has the chops to back it up. Besides, it’s terrifically fun!

And to round this out, here is 7 year old Laura Watson playing her fiddle. She is still actively playing and has 2 CDs to her credit! She’s seriously cute.



John Cleese: The Night Before Christmas

'Tis the holiday season, in which people everywhere gather to celebrate this precious time of giving.Assembled around a blazing fire, families eat themselves sick, drink themselves silly, and fight for their entertainment options with unaccustomed ferocity. So, in order to leaven this dark time, we bring you John Cleese's Very Own Version of:
The Night Before Christmas.

With lots of festive love from all the Podcast Reindeer.


Singing Backwards.

The first half of this video features a guy singing a song in reverse. He’s also doing some stuff that will look strange backwards. The second half is where you find out what song he is singing, when the video goes backwards! This performance must have taken a lot of practice.


300 MPG Automobile

It looks like part airplane, part spaceship, but it drives like a dream, and it will make it from Seattle to LA on less than 5 gallons of gas.




My daughter likes explosions. I like explosions. Provided it's vicarious, who doesn't like explosions?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present explosions.

And then there are prank explosions


LFT: Little Flappy Things

Hummingbirds are some of the coolest birds in the world. They're exclusive to the Americas, and they're beautiful. Who hasn't dreamed about holding one in their hand. I just can't hold still that long!




The BristleBot is a simple and tiny robot with an agenda. The ingredients? One toothbrush, a battery, and a pager motor. The result? Serious fun. The BristleBot is our take on the popular vibrobot, a simple category of robot that is controlled by a single vibrating (eccentric) motor. Some neat varieties include the mint-tin version as seen in Make Magazine (check the video), and the kid's art bot: a vibrobot with pens for feet.



Coolest SUV ever!

SUV technology has improved immensely over the past few years. Some - like the hybrids - focus on fuel economy. This one, instead, focuses on performance; I understand the fuel economy is actually not all that impressive. There are, however, other impressive features to make up for that lack.


I want this phone!

Cellphone technology certainly has advanced over the past couple of years. This one is one of the best. It certainly puts the iPhone to shame!



Cute Overload

Twin pandas have a little fun in their own clumsy way at a zoo in Japan. The cuteness is overwhelming!



Blondes have more fun.

I know this is stereotyping, but it's so funny.

dumb blonde dumb blondes stupid blonds


Computer says no to a miracle

A woman who claims she was healed by prayer had to battle the benefits system to stop her disability payments. Officials said the computer did not "have a button for miracles".

June Clarke, 56, from Plymouth, Devon, slipped on a wet canteen floor at work in January 2000 and badly damaged her hip, pelvis and lower spine.

Last year she says she received healing at a Christian conference and within hours she was able to fold away her wheelchair and stop taking painkillers.

When Mrs Clarke realised she was completely healed she contacted the government Industrial Injury Department to put a stop to the benefits she had been receiving, but the payments continued. Mr and Mrs Clarke sent letters and made phone calls, but officials told them the system was unable to recognise an apparently miraculous recovery.

Mrs Clarke had been awarded an allowance for life and the computer was not programmed to allow that payment to end while she was still alive. After six months, she saw an official government doctor who registered her as fully fit. The allowance was stopped and Mrs Clarke was able to repay the money.

A spokesperson from the Department for Work and Pensions said: "Each case is treated individually."


Dangerous disease spreading rapidly among the young

Educate yourself and your children! Protect yourself! Don't be the next victim!


Disappearing Car Door

The original inventors and designers of the exciting Disappearing Car Door technology are now in a position to equip your favorite automobile with a cool, sexy, safe and convenient automatic door.

The vehicle architecture offers an attractive rethink for car design and adds greatly to overall vehicle safety including structural integration of the door with the unibody and cruciform door frame technology.

One thing is for sure, it will definitely grab everyone’s attention when you drive a car with Disappearing Doors!

Source: disappearing-car-doorVideo: Youtube



This is a song about a church being moved hundreds of miles across the US on the back of a very big lorry. Features the 40 strong Manning Chorus in what is possibly one of the most bizzare bits of TV I've ever been involved in - a musical number at the end of a show about, basically, feats of engineering skill. Some of the footage is amost Fellini-esque. It's taken from the upcoming series MONSTER MOVES which airs on Five (UK) and National Geographic (USA) from early 2007.



Why Did the Salmon Cross The Road?

Around here, the salmon are pretty tough. It's not enough to head upstream for spawning. Now they have to head up the road to spawn. This is from December 4th, 2007: salmon swim across a Skokomish Valley road in Mason County on Monday. It's actually a pretty common sight in some parts of Western Washington when there is flooding.


Daniel is raised from the dead.

Nigerian Daniel comes back to life after being pronounced dead by many witnesses including doctors! His wife believes that Jesus can restore his life and takes his body in a casket to a local Christian fellowship. Some of the video editing is a little cheesy, but the story is fascinating. In 4 parts to fit into YouTube’s time limits.



Gibson's Self-Tuning Guitar

This is perhaps the coolest guitar in the entire world!

Gibson Proudly Presents The Robot Guitar—A First Run Limited Edition

On December 7, 2007, Gibson will change the guitar world forever. Again.

True to the spirit of innovation that inspired Gibson to invent the legendary Tune-o-matic bridge, the powerful humbucker, and the revolutionary Digital Les Paul, Gibson proudly presents the Gibson Robot Guitar—the world's first guitar with robotic technology.

Since the dawn of the instrument, musicians have come to accept the guitar's imperfections and lack of tonal precision as necessary evils. Onstage and off, guitarists have fought to stay in tune. Every music lover and performer has had to suffer through the show—halting, mood-killing atonal droning of a loudly amped guitar being brought into tune. And in the studio, or at home, imprecise intonation throws the guitar in and out of tune, up and down the neck, as the instrument requires tweaking with each season and at times with each string change.

For as long as the guitar has existed, guitar lovers have had two choices—live with a temperamental and out-of-tune instrument or make frequent trips to the shop for setups. Not anymore.

Introducing the Gibson Robot Guitar. All you have to do is play it.


The Boxer's Greatest Challenge


The World's Stupidest Squirrel


Self-Willed BMX Bike

A bicycle continues racing without its rider



One Thing!

What one thing are you made for?

Request a Promo Pack

Grade School Geography for Blondes

I'm not sure I can actually comment on this and still not get myself in as much hot water as this game show host did! Let's just say that there are some people for whom "Blonde" is their best asset.


Twelves Days of Something

The Klein Four is the premier a cappella and variety group in the world of higher mathematics. We call the Mathematics Department of Northwestern University our home. You might remember us as the group who brought you "Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)." Since then we've recorded a CD, Musical Fruitcake, available on our website as well as through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, MSN, and other digital services. We are also video stars... as long as radio doesn't kill us.


Funny Japanese Ad: Norton Fighter

To promote its anti-virus software in Japan, Symantec created this fantastically retro ad campaign styled after those 1960s Ultraman TV shows. In the ad, the superhero "Norton Fighter" battles computer virus Botlas and his pesky henchmen. Parts 1 and 2.



The Ultimate Chocolate War

OK, so maybe it's not the ultimate chocolate war, but the Chocolate Bunny vs the Hot Iron is pretty amusing. After the Hot Iron match, Chocolate is faced with the Heat Lamp. And then the Hot Hair Dryer. What a day!