This Explains Everything!

Some times we just don't understand all that there is to understand, so it's really helpful when someone explains it to us. Here are some expert explanations:



An Interesting Skit.

This is a skit – a mime, really – performed to music at Winterfest in Knoxville, TN. This has well over 5 million views on YouTube, GodTube and others: this is a big deal in the online community.



A Big Bang!

The world's largest shotgun (aka "Punt Gun") measures 10-feet long and has a 2-inch barrel. Due to its size and recoil, this gun has to be mounted directly on a boat (a "punt"). Just a single blast could wipe out 50-100 ducks resting on the water's surface. What do you think? Will this catch on?



How to completely vanish

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wish you could completely disappear? Here's a skill you might want to learn.


Amazing Animusic

Here's a fabulous piece of computer animation called "Pipe Dream" by Animusic. After you've watched it the first time and caught all the action in the foreground, watch it again to see how interesting the background action is, and how the creators keep so many parts moving and interacting. Incredibly clever.

And as long as we’re admiring Animusic, here’s some more of their good stuff.


The Twilight Zone...

This has got to be THE most famous episode of The Twilight Zone ever! It stars Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis, a man who just wants to read... I still think it's one of the greatest things ever broadcast on television. But then, I've always liked The Twilight Zone.



The Slam Dunk is was a Slam Dunk!

I don’t know if you saw the NBA All Star game. It wasn’t that impressive, really. It never is. Neither is the Slam Dunk Competition. Usually. This year, the Slam Dunk was a slam dunk. Dwight Howard is not from this planet!


Hands down, the coolest skyscraper ever made

There are so many reasons to love this beauty that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s got 13 floors which, to me at least, makes it a skyscraper. It’s entirely made of wood, thus making it a wooden skyscraper. It was made by the fair hands of a single crazy Russian man (Nikolai Sutyagin - pictured bare-chested above), thus making it a homemade wooden skyscraper.

Based in the Russian city of Archangelsk, ex-gangster Nicolai originally intended the building to contain 2 floors but couldn’t help himself when he realized there was nothing to stop him adding more on top. Nothing, that is, apart from the slow-off-the-mark local authorities who say that wooden buildings shouldn’t exceed 2 floors in height, the result being that the 144 ft high building is now under threat of demolition, something which would be an absolute travesty in my opinion. Slightly crazy but creative ex-gangster Russian architects should be given free reign to build whatever they like.

This building is an absolute work of art.



Hotshot Squirrel

Here’s a clever prank involving baiting a squirel.


Too Much Time

Somebody has way too much time on his hands. Several somebodies. Actually, it looks like fun.



World's most effective speed bump.

World's most effective speed bump. Made in Germany, of course!

What are you doing Gisela? The camera is already running. Come here. I will show it to this guy! He won't drive through here any more. Gisela, don't film the flowers, come here! He's coming. Let me hold the camera. Boy oh boy!!!! Great !!!



Gizmodo's CES Prank

The guys from Gizmodo went to CES and pulled off a small prank. With a TV-B-Gone clicker in hand -- which can act like a universal remote for any TV monitor with an infrared sensor -- they went through several displays and demonstrations and turned off the TVs. This sent the high-tech exhibitors into a panic, checking wires and connections, without realizing that all they had to do was hit the power button on the TVs to turn them back on. [thanks to PaulHarris for the contribution]



Solving Life's Problems

Do you have emotional or psychological obstacles that you're facing. This remarkable video presents a completely revolutionary solution. There's more reality in this than at first glance!



A Kid with Unbelievable Talent

Lots of kids dream of playing in the pros. Some kids get completely obsessed by the sport, but most importantly, they work on it. The kid you're about to see just turned 11, and his talents will blow you away.

And as long as we're on the subject, here's another cool one:



Automatic Shotgun

Imagine a machine-gun made for shotgun shells. Now imagine that it’s built to never wear out, never jam. Now imagine it recoilless, and firing 300 shots a minute. Now imagine that it can shoot shotgun shells, explosive shells, or armor-piercing grenades. At 300 rounds a minute. Dang.



The best political speech of the election year!

This young politician seems to make more sense than what I see in most of the news reports.