The Pledge of Evil (Blazing Saddles)

Comedic actor Harvey Korman died this week at the UCLA Medical Center after a long and distinguished career in movies and television. He was 81. He was also nuts.

In this scene from the 1974 movie Blazing Saddles, Hedley Lamarr elicits a pledge of allegiance from a group of doofuses. -via Viral Video Chart



Khula Happy Singers

My friends (very polity but very poor) from a township called Khula (sheds without water and electricity) outside St.Lucia KwaZuluNatal South Africa. This group performs for tourist on restaurant terraces in St.Lucia and here at the arrival deck from a hippo boat tour on St.Lucia River at sunset. They sing and swing really great just like the other famous Zulu group Ladysmith Black Mombassa this music style is called Isicathamiya. Made famous by Paul Simon. They rehearse a lot and we hope to make them famous also.



Kitten vs Electric Toothbrush.

I suppose anything is scary the first time you see it. Warning: much cuteness.

toothbot Surprise


Barack (Hussein) Obama

This qualifies - in this political election year - as politically incorrect. This is a review (and an unfavorable one) of some of the facts about Barack Obama, about Barack Hussein Obama, that have not made the headlines.

Lorne Baxter explores the life of Barack Hussein Obama, Jeremiah Wright and the theology behind it.

Now I suppose I'll have to do one about Hillary. This is why I don't like American Politics.



News Report: Todd Bentley in Lakeland Florida

Paul Strand, from CBN News, is reporting on what's going on in Lakeland, Florida. This is more than I've ever experienced before!



Shuttle Launch at Night

This is an amazing shot of a shuttle launch at night.

Shuttle Launch: Cape Canaveral, March 11


Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Incredibly innovative with their sound and style, the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra plays nothing but vegetables and kitchen tools. Consisting of eleven musicians, one cook, and one sound engineer, the orchestra incorporates a spectrum musical styles including contemporary music, free jazz, noise, dub, experimental electronic, and house beets. Some of their instruments include onion peels, pepper trumpets, leek violins, pumpkin bongos, carrot flutes, and cucumberphones.

The scrap vegetable parts left over from the making of the instruments are cooked and served to the audience after the show, making the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra a delightful, dinner-and-a-movie type experience (with a little funk thrown in).



The new HANG percussion instrument

The Hang is a custom made instrument that is somewhere between a tibetan singing bowl and a steel pan which makes beautiful music. Unfortunately, they're very expensive and you can only get one by writing the makers a hand-written letter explaining your desire for one which is a bit too elitist for me, but the sound is amazing and unique.



Meet Comet the Goldfish: he plays football and limbo dances!

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but apparently you can teach a two-year-old goldfish to bend it like Beckham.
Comet the goldfish may be the world's most intelligent fish after its owner, Dean Pomerleau, trained it to perform a range of aquatic activities.
Comet can play football, basketball and even limbo dance under a bar.
The genius of the water world can also play fetch with a hoop, slalom around a series of poles and push a rugby ball over a set of posts.



Sysyphus V: A Sandbox Artist Robot

This isn't a sandbox with a marble in it. Sysyphus V, a kinetic sculpture by Bruce Shapiro looks like a Zen Garden. But instead of a buddhist monk carefully raking gravel, it's an autonomous steel sphere carefully crawling over and over, making polar geometric shapes that can best be described as iterative lilies or stars. A magnet on an arm on a two axis plotter sites underneath the half-ton set up, and Sisyphus is making its first appearance here, at Maker Faire 2008.



I Give Up On Complacency

It seems that our world – our culture – is pretty big on lulling us to sleep, to complacency, to passivity.

In contrast to that, there is a group of amazing people that’s emerging from the upcoming generation that wears passion like a gaudy shirt: they’re not going to sit still and take the handouts that we’re offering. They’re passionate, and they don’t care what you think about it.



Three Dimensional Signs

Do you remember VIKI in I Robot? Someone has made one! Or maybe it's just a BORG from Star Trek?

It looks like they are trying to replace the disco ball, LED signs and dance lighting with a single device. For more detail: www.seekway.com.cn/e/ledsys9.htm. Hey, at least they're not taking over the whole world!



A non-religious religious leader.

This man is an interesting fellow. He's a church leader, but one like no other! He seems completely uninterested in religious tradition, and more interested in the God who's supposed to be head of the Church. I think I might be impressed.



Get a Clue

Since when do people have a clue about what they want?



Underwater Hockey

I'll bet you never expected such a sport.



Would you like some Spam?

There's nobody like Monty Python to promote the benefits of Spam?



Cat vs. Xylophone

One of our four cats really does NOT like the xylophone we picked up for our eleven month old daughter. Every time a note is played, she'll jump and twitch even while walking around. Apparently she blamed the rug in front of the door for making the noise...



Professional Panhandlers

Ever wonder what happens to your money when you give it to a panhandler? I’ve stopped giving money to anyone on the street. Instead, I give it to charities equipped to help the homeless. I know this is something that has been debated before. I just think it’s sad that someone would abuse the generosity of others in such a way as this. This how you get tricked




Sometimes animals are just amazing. This dog skateboards better than I do.



Dog vs Balloons!

One Dog vs. 47 Balloons in the ultimate battle to the death!

Then Simon continues his noble yet relentless quest to end cardboard balloon infestations. 100 spheres of doom dispatched in a paltry 77 seconds!



Two Lane Bowling!

I have a hard enough time hitting the pins in my own lane. This guy's pretty good.



Mega ToothBot BristleBot

Some time ago, we showed the ToothBot, a tiny robot made from a toothbrush head. This is the Mega BristleBot, the (very) big brother of the toothbot.



Cat Dancing

A pile of kittens plus a laser pointer? Yep, synchronized head bobbing.

For the curious, its the song from the advert for crusha, which is like a liquid milkshake mix.


Will The Dark Knight Reign Supreme?

Even with the awe-inspiring opening of Iron Man this weekend, some are saying The Dark Knight may be the best super-hero movie (or the best movie) of the summer. What do you think? Batman or Iron Man?



Djembe-Playing Robot Learns From the Master

From the inventor:
Introducing probably the best lolly pop driven drum playing NXT robot in the world! :) Listens to drum patterns then repeats them!! Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy eating the lolly pops I've been staring at for days! :)



The Copper Clapper Caper

OK, this is not exactly the most recent sketch, but it is one of the funniest. Two cops try to figure out what happened at a School Bell company, only to find a massive tongue twister of a tale....



For years before Lakeland, Florida: Iris in Pemba.

We've been hearing about the healing and the miracles in Lakeland Florida. That makes sense, since it's the first time that something like this has happened in the public's eye in America. But Rolland and Heidi Baker have been doing this for years in Pemba, Mozambique. My goodness, what is this planet coming to?



Hillary Clinton vs. the Coffeemaker

INDIANAPOLIS - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became the subject of the latest viral video hilarity to hit the Internet, when she tried to get a cup of coffee at a gas station along her campaign route in Indiana.

A video camera captured Sen. Clinton (D-NY) inspecting the coffee maker and trying to figure out how it works. After several moments of fiddling with the machine, Clinton gave up on the idea of getting a hot cup of coffee herself.

After admitting that she hasn't even used a gas pump in years, Clinton asked the store manager for help with the coffee maker.

The video, which was uploaded to the popular video sharing site YouTube, has been viewed nearly a million times times in its first two days, and was even linked on Thursday to the Drudge Report website with the title, "Hillary Clinton vs. the Coffee Maker."

This doesn't help build my confidence of her as a world leader. . . .

Close Encounters in New Mexico

We were turned on to the ads by a story from the Associated Press, since the commercials are running in San Diego and Minnesota, two places we don’t get local programming from on our cable system (nor can we get NBA League Pass, and they better get the hint soon). The pair of spots feature normal office coworker interaction. Except they are space aliens. And perhaps some pretty backward space aliens (does anyone that can space travel actually read brochures?).

The tagline: “New Mexico the best place in the universe.”

(You might find more here, if they haven't pulled them down yet.)

And now a glimpse at the backstage world of that photo shoot starring alien creatures from Stan Winston's famed creative studios:

From adblog.


Slow Motion Explosions and Stuff

Explosions are cool, but usually they're too fast to really appreciate. This is a compilation of videos shot (including a bunch of explosions) with high FPS cameras and then put into slow motion. Besides being really fun, it has some cool background music to groove to.