Hillary Clinton vs. the Coffeemaker

INDIANAPOLIS - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became the subject of the latest viral video hilarity to hit the Internet, when she tried to get a cup of coffee at a gas station along her campaign route in Indiana.

A video camera captured Sen. Clinton (D-NY) inspecting the coffee maker and trying to figure out how it works. After several moments of fiddling with the machine, Clinton gave up on the idea of getting a hot cup of coffee herself.

After admitting that she hasn't even used a gas pump in years, Clinton asked the store manager for help with the coffee maker.

The video, which was uploaded to the popular video sharing site YouTube, has been viewed nearly a million times times in its first two days, and was even linked on Thursday to the Drudge Report website with the title, "Hillary Clinton vs. the Coffee Maker."

This doesn't help build my confidence of her as a world leader. . . .