Coolest Wedding Entrance Ever!



An Intro to Compressors for Live Sound

A compressor or limiter is an automatic volume control. Learn about the functions and controls of compressors/limiters, plus get tips on setting up PA sound systems, in this free professional music video from an expert PA system designer.



Office 2010 The Movie Doesn't Star Tom Cruise

Here's the trailer for Office 2010: The Movie, full of matrixy characters and missionimpossibly situations.

Thankfully it's just a promo and there won't be any Office 2010 movie. It was created for Microsoft by Dennis Liu, who also did the how to pretend you are working video. [Thanks Dennis]

Office Team Lead: Guys, we need something really exciting to make people excited about Office 2010.
Some Office Programmer Guy: Can we call Google to hint at ChromeOS to take the heat off of us when we launch on Monday?
OTL: Already done. We need a video.

SOPG: What should it include? A little run-through of the program? Sort of a screencast that folks can watch and understand and then maybe get excited about Office 2010? Maybe we can put some Feist in there? Make it really minimalistic?
OTL: No. We need an action movie.
SOPG: What?
OTL: We have a huge marketing budget and nothing to spend it on. Let’s hire
some dude to make a movie.
SOPG: But that won’t tell anyone anything about the product?
OTL: Who cares. We don’t need to sell Office anymore. People will just buy it without thinking. People are dumb.
SOPG: But what about Google Apps?
OTL: A red herring. They’re unusable. This is much better.
SOPG: Can I move onto the XBox team?
OTL: Soon. Soon.



In Lieu of Fireworks, Chinese Villagers Hurl Molten Iron at a Wall

During the Lantern Festival last month, one village in China celebrated the same way they have for 500 years—by throwing molten iron at a wall to create showers of make-do fireworks.
The villagers of Nanchuan, China put on an hour-long performance each year called Da shu hua (beating the tree to produce flowers). The iron throwers are protected from all that molten metal by nothing more than a hat and a sheepskin coat. Is it dangerous? The throwers joked that it's not, as long as you're not afraid to die.