Garage Doors for Everyone!

Make an impression on your neighbors !

The German company " Style your Garage " makes posters for your garage door. Prices vary from $199 to $399 for a double door! Everything included!



Bob Kramer makes some of the world's best kitchen knives on the outskirts of East Olympia, WA.



Excuses from a technophobe [video]

Hey, can you come in here for a sec? I've done it again ....



Secrets of Islam.

How Islam is fundamentally different than other religions.

If this is new to you, don't over-react, of course. But don't fail to respond appropriately either. This profoundly impacts the way the respond to the world, the way they respond to us, and to you.



Todd Adams "Prototype" Soaking CD

I've had many requests for Todd Adams' soaking music. Todd's gift with flutes and hand drums carries a unique anointing that seems to facilitate entering the presence of God. These tracks were recorded live, and they bring something special from the live events to the recording.

I have a few copies of his new album
Prototype available for $10 each. The proceeds go to his missions trip to South America. Click on the "Donate" link to order your copy.

Suggested donation is $10 or more. All proceeds fund his missions trips, so please feel free to be generous if you're able.

If you'd like us to ship you the CD, please add shipping costs to your donation ($5.00 USA, $12.00 worldwide).

Click here to order:

Here's a sample. This is "Bear with Joseph."

Please send any feedback to thatfeller(at)gmail.com. And enjoy the music!

Click here to order:
(Yeah, I know: it's a repeat. People weren't finding the link.)

(Shortcut to this page: http://3.ly/PrototypeCD)



Turbo Encabulator

This is a brilliant development.



Retro Encabulator